Parenting Workshops

A certified Aware Parenting Consultant for 10 years, Kathy offers workshops for parents, teachers, and mental health and childcare professionals.


Compassionate Discipline: Without Punishment or Rewards

Whether you’re a parent, teacher or child caregiver, you need ways to resolve conflict. This workshop is a two-hour, interactive training that will introduce you to cutting-edge information, support, reassurance, and constructive ways to resolve conflicts to improve your relationship with children.

The training covers:

  • Why punishments and rewards undermine relationships
  • Alternate techniques to foster mutual respect between adults and children
  • Ways to understand the needs behind children’s behavior
  • Actionable conflict resolution skills


Helping Children Heal From Stress and Trauma

For parents, teachers, social workers, mental health and childcare therapists, and psychologists.

All children experience stress and occasional trauma. All trauma has the capacity to alter neurobiological systems and lead to anxiety, aggression, hyperactivity, sleep problems, learning difficulties and physical symptoms.

Addressing trauma effectively, therefore, is important. Fortunately, children know how to heal from the effects of stress and trauma. Given the opportunity and support, they can repair their neurobiological systems naturally and effectively. 

In this 2-hour workshop we will:

  • Explore the sources and symptoms of stress and trauma.
  • Discuss the conditions required for children to restore emotional health.
  • Reframe crying and tantrums, thereby clarifying our cultural misunderstanding of these vital stress-release mechanisms.

For more information on the emotional, mental and physical health benefits of crying and raging safely, please check out Kathy’s Facebook page, “For Crying Out Loud”

For more information or to schedule a workshop, please contact Kathy.

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